Baker Gilmore
Corporate Bond

Product highlights

  • Specialty fixed income manager
  • Fundamental value-oriented approach
  • Rigorous forecasting methodology
  • Leading-edge risk management and attribution

Investment objective

  • Maximize long-term total returns while protecting capital from major market fluctuations

Philosophy & process

  • Markets regularly deviate from fundamentals
  • Top-down macro forecasting of key factors that drive bond market returns
  • Bottom-up fundamental research focused on accurately determining default risk
  • Opportunity exists when issues with low default risk are attractively valued
  • A value-oriented, long-term theme-driven approach, together with a deep understanding of risk, enables Baker Gilmore to add value while avoiding credit downgrades and defaults

Construction & risk controls

  • Innovative risk and attribution systems
  • Sharp focus on downside protection
  • Strategies chosen to optimize risk/return trade-offs
  • Targeted top-down exposures are achieved through careful security selection
  • Risk management is integral to the investment process and ensures the portfolio is positioned for the highest risk-adjusted expected returns

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product please contact:

Brent Wilkins

Senior Vice President,
Head of Institutional Sales, Canada

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July 12th, 2022